This generator is used to create baking molds using parametric 3D-modeling. The product is based on a bionic design and is refined using polygonal abstraction in order to appeal to a wide audience and fulfill our self-proclaimed aspiration of modernness. The form can be customized by the user through a range of different options. For example, size and form can be modified as well as texture and you can add custom text. Macaron, cupcake, pies or yet a whole birthday cake? Our generator provides opportunities to choose different types of cake and the volume of the respective form can be precisely adjusted after creating the desired form. The model-viewer as well as the interface is based on the technology of our partner Shapediver and ensures satisfaction through a realistic depiction of the mold, as well as the option to view your mold in augmented reality to simulate it in its use-case-environment. The molds are made out of silicon and additionally the file of the model can be downloaded.

CLIENT: Investors
YEAR: 2022
MATERIAL: 3D print and silicon mold