With this generator, you can generate your own individual carabiner. Through a self-developed interface, which is connected to the interface of our partner Shapediver, a background image can be chosen out of the library and you can adjust the outline of the carabiner by simply adding and moving points. The outlines are inspired by mountain ranges and climbing routes, so the user can create a carabiner according to their past or coming adventures. Background images are also connected to a community system. Through that, you can explore others adventures, experiences and carabiners, and exchange with them about climbing routes and destinations. You can then modify different options concerning height, width and material thickness as well as color of the carabiner and the texture of the clasp to add the finishing touches. The carabiner is produced in one of three different sizes, and the file of the model can be downloaded if wanted. The production is done through steel 3D printing and an external partner concerning sport variants. At the moment, the interface is still in development.

CLIENT: private
YEAR: 2022
MATERIAL: 3D design and stainless steel print