The owl connects a classical tested game principle with innovative technology. The stand-up figure in a simple, sustainable wooden or colorful plastic appearance has a digital core, which includes a tilt sensor, a babyphone and a camera.The tilt sensor system controls LED ring display depending on tilt direction.
Color of lighting can be controlled via an application, so that the parents can join the experience. Our owl supports the motoric comprehension of toddlers and it is perfectly adjusted to their needs through a parametric surface, which minimizes risk of harm. Furthermore, it includes a smart processor which is focussed on battery life and ensures a long lasting playing time. Looking in particular at smart home environments, the owl integrates perfectly and acts as a connection between old and new, between fun and learning for toddlers. The integration in game scenarios and character-based game development forms a fundamental and expandable game concept.

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YEAR: 2021-2022
MATERIAL: wood or plastic, mechanics and electronics