Medical security, as well as fast diagnostics are getting more and more important, for example in the context of the shortage of doctors. In regions with less population and infrastructure, going to the doctor is time consuming, and many medical institutions in urban environments are overloaded, especially when you consider the past months.
The remote-doc serves as a smart hand tool for emergency diagnostics and the recognition of local diseases such as venous thrombosis or cardiological diseases. The remote-doc can be used as a stethoscope and includes the future-oriented ultrasound-diagnosis-functions. Through a strong battery, it can survive long trips with full functionality. It is defined by a simple, dynamic design, easy useability and a pleasant surface structure. The different parts are 3D-printed out of robust steel. The lacquer coating used has an antibacterial and self-disinfecting effect.

CLIENT: In process
YEAR: 2022-
MATERIAL: Stainless Steel, PPS, Desinfizierender Lack